July 7, 2013

The Escape: Prologue: Part 1

I have been working on The Escape for a long time, about 4 years. I never have gotten very far in it, but I got a decent first draft, and this is the first part of the second draft. The Escape was originally called The Meeting, but that sounds so boring! XD So I changed it. But it is basically a cross-over between the Toa Metru and the Glatorian: my two fav BIONICLE series. It was supposed to be the "11th" Adventures book, but there is still a lot I didn't and don't know, so correct me for plot flaws. Plus, this probably won't make sense unless you have read the tenth book.

Prologue: Part 1

            It was pitch black. The Toa of Fire had been trudging along this ascending tunnel for days, without any light, food, or water. Obviously, he was exhausted.
            'The others are probably waiting for me above.'
            His eyes were fixed in front of him, scanning for the first glimmer of daylight. 'Sometimes, I wish I had never created this stupid mask.' Vakama grouched, gripping his only piece of luggage.

Several Hours Later...

            Vakama was half asleep when he hit a wall. He fell back hard, definitely awake. Getting up, he was confused. 'Why is there a wall in the middle of a tunnel?' He felt along the wall parallel to him and saw that the wall blocking his path wa just a curve in the tunnel.
            Rounding the curve, he saw a far off white dot. "Light!" He shouted, breaking into a run.
            When he got to the exit, he was instantly blinded. After several days of darkness, more darkness, and a little extra darkness, he was entirely unprepared for full blast sunlight. It took 10 minutes before he could begin to make out anything
            When he could, he saw that he was on a ledge. 'One more step and I wouldn't be here to think about it.' He shuddered.
            A few minutes later, his eyes had adjusted enough to allow him to look around. From his right was thick jungle. In front of him, he saw a barren rock-land with lava rivers. 'Possibly  a good place for the Ta-Matoran to settle.' he mused.

            To his left was a beach. "The airships!" He exclaimed. Vakama saw that the other Toa had already finished unloading the Matoran and were now in the process of dismantling the airships for spare parts. He shot a blast of fire just past them to get their attention. They turned, and he grinned at the surprised and excited looks on their faces. He activated the last of his jetpack fuel, and flew down to meet them, never happier to see those friendly masks.

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July 3, 2013


Hello, BIONICLE fans! You can call me Spiderstorm. I am the blog creator and moderator and would like to welcome you to the blog of my favorite series ever: BIONICLE. Of course if you're still reading, I'm sure you're a fan too, and a lot of you are probably from Mask of Destiny Forums. If you are, you would better know me as Daliaxyrya. But I prefer Spiderstorm. I created this blog because of several reasons. The first is I ADORE BIONICLE!! Not necessarily the sets (though those are awesome too!) but mainly the extremely original storyline. If you are new to BIONICLE, please see the links tab on the side of this blog page to find several informative sites to help you get started. Assuming most of you already know a lot about BIONICLE's, lets get started! This is the Fan-Fiction page. I mainly created the blog for this page, which is a place for you to post your BIONICLE fan-fiction. I have actually wrote several myself, and in time will post them on this blog, but for now, they are mostly just scraps of paper and frazzled ideas. XD Please visit regularly, and if you have any suggestions, please email v.spiderstorm@gmail.com and in the subject line put: Bionicle fan-fic. If you write regularly, or are constantly updating your fan fiction, just send me an email telling me so and I will add you to the authors list. All you will be able to do is write articles, but you can update them yourself. Thanks, and I hope to see you all regularly!

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